Posted by: cinemagodardcinema | September 7, 2010

Is Godard “Disgruntled”? He Still Might Show.

Let’s take a look at some of the headlines for the news items (blogs, etc.) that have been commenting on the “finding” of JLG. What we find is that people are transferring their own hatred (perhaps too strong… let’s call it their aversion) of Hollywood, one which is NOT in the original news item, and, as I argued a few days ago, not really in Godard’s work as a whole.

Disgruntled Director Godard to Skip Oscar Honor

Godard Snubs Oscar Invitation

Jean-Luc Godard Drives a Hyundai, Doesn’t Want Your Half-Assed Oscar

Godard tells AMPAS what it can do with that Honorary Oscar

These are just a few samples. When you read the actual report you find that, no, Godard will not be going, but also that he has not yet replied to the letter. Best not to jump to conclusions about his “hatred” of Hollywood. By saying it is not a “real” Oscar (i.e. given on the night of the award show itself), the implication is that he might actually attend if it were not in November! So…. let’s not put thoughts in the man’s head, thoughts which come from a misreading of his films as wholly anti-Hollywood. People want him to be “disgruntled”, feel that he should be “disgruntled”, when in fact he may just not give a shit. There is a difference.

JUST IN: Godard might show up after all….


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