Posted by: cinemagodardcinema | December 7, 2010

Belated Birthday Wishes

I am a bad blogger. Here it is 4 days after JLG’s 80th, and I am only now getting around to posting. I also promised a response to the charge that JLG is antisemitic. Again, bad blogger. My only excuse is that I have been diligently working on other Godard projects which are scheduled for publication in the (near?) future.

I have, however, been regularly updating the Full Text Essays section – many thanks to Catherine Grant and her superb Film Studies for Free web archive for her shout-out, and for keeping us abreast of the latest JLG-related postings.

Here are some belated birthday gifts:
From Atelier Carvalho Bernau, a fun JLG typeface.
From Laura Forde, an excellent conference presentation on “Jean-Luc Godard’s Critical Appropriation of Graphic Design in the 1960s”, to go along with her always fun and enlightening Thesis Anxiety blog.


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